Soraya Padrao is an Award-winning Stage, Film and Television actress. 

Originally from Spain, where she began her career. Soraya moved to New York in 2008 where she currently lives and works.

Praised by The New York Times, a Helen Hayes award nominee, and recipient of the HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors), ACE (Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York) and ATI (Independent Theater Artists) Awards, Ms. Padrao has an extensive career in theater where she has had the opportunity to work with award winning directors (Josh Hecht, Jose Zayas, Jose Luis Arellano Garcia, or Mariano de Paco Serrano to name a few) for Off-Broadway productions in NYC and regional productions in the DC area.

Her body of work encompasses both classic and contemporary theater. Ms. Padrao can be seen in the world premiere of Nilo Cruz’s (Pulitzer Prize winner) latest work “Exquisita Agonía” currently playing at Repertorio Español in NYC.

Film credits include “He Matado a mi Marido” which recently premiered at the La Habana Film Festival of New York, “La Herencia Valdemar/The Valdemar Legacy”, “Anomalous”, “Where Hearts Lie”, or “Cassanova was a woman”. Soraya has also appeared in the prime-time TV series “El pasado es mañana”, “Hospital Central” and “Hermanos y Detectives” in her native Spain. She has also participated in the pilot “Family with Fire” here in the US. 


The New York

The one part of the show that resonates is an impassioned, almost otherworldly speech from Laurencia (the unshakable Soraya Padrao), cursing the men who have failed to avenge her honor.

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  • FILM & TELEVISION (Selected tittles)
  • He Matado a mi Marido Principal H.M. Movie LLC - Dir. Francisco Lupini
  • Where Hearts Lie Supporting Kings-men Films - Dir. Tony Lindsay
  • Anomalous Supporting Numerica Films - Dir. Hugo Stuven
  • Cassanova was a Woman Principal No Clout Productions - Dir. Kevin Arbouet
  • El Capo III Principal FoxTeleColombia s.a. - Dir. Lilo Vilaplana
  • Path to Prologue Lead Dir. Christopher Piccione
  • La Herencia Valdemar Principal Universal/LaCruzada - Dir. J.L.Aleman
  • Moonlight Motel Lead Bleecker C. Productions - Dir. C. Fertitta
  • Hermanos y Detectives Principal Telecinco - Dir. Alberto Ruiz Rojo
  • El Pasado es Mañana Recurring Telecinco - Dir. Toni Sevilla
  • Hospital Central Principal Telecinco - Dir. Alejandro Bazano
  • THEATRE (Selected tittles)
  • Exquisita Agonía Romy Dir. Jose Zayas / Spanish Repertory Theatre
  • El Caballero de Olmedo Ines Dir. Mariano de Paco / Circulo Theatre
  • Cervantes: El Último Quijote* Isabel Dir. Jose Luis Arellano / GALA Theatre D.C
  • Burundanga* Silvia Dir. Jose Zayas / Spanish Repertory Theatre
  • An Invisible Piece of this World Turkito Dir. Ignacio García-Bustelo / IATI Theater
  • Fuenteovejuna Laurencia Dir. Julián Mesri / Spanish Repertory Theatre
  • Wearing Lorca’s Bow Tie Lorca Dir. Josh Hetch & Ignacio García-Bustelo / The Duke Theater on 42nd Street
  • The Suspicious Truth Jacinta Dir. Pedro Salazar / Spanish Repertory Theatre
  • The Phantom Lady* Angela Dir. Julián Mesri / Spanish Repertory Theatre
  • Chronicle of a Death Foretold Angela Vicario Dir. Jorge Alí Triana / Spanish Repertory Theatre
  • Violines y Trompetas Maria Dir. A. L. Yusta / Teatro Fígaro, Madrid
  • Cervantes’ Entremeses Lorenza Dir. Ángel Gutiérrez / Chekhov Theatre
  • The Chioggia Scuffles Orsetta Dir. Ángel Gutiérrez / Chekhov Theatre
  • HB Studio Rasa Allan Kazlas / Amanda Quaid
  • Acting Workshop Josh Hecht
  • Acting for Film and TV Workshop Eduardo Milewicz
  • Teatro de Camara Chekhov Acting School Angel Gutierrez
  • Acting & Verse Workshop Alicia Hermida
  • Acting Workshop Adan Black
  • *ATI Award recipient 2018 - Outstanding Lead Actress
  • *ACE Award recipient 2017 - Outstanding Lead Actress
  • *Helen Hayes Award nomination 2017 - Outstanding supporting actress
  • *HOLA Award recipient 2016 - Outstanding Achievement by a Featured Female Actor